Education Observatory in the Conservations Unit


The Education Observatory consists in monitoring and analyzing information of the municipal schools of the communities where FAS works. First was done the analysis of data like the School Census (Inep) and the Basic Evaluation of the Basic Education (Saeb), evaluating the coverage and quality of the education offer and also the educational demand.

There are almost 400 mapped schools in this process. Additionally, to deepen the analysis of the official data, FAS and the Municipal Secretariat of Education applied the Provinha Brasil in six CUs, between April and September of 2013. In this evaluation, 671 students between 6 and 14 years old, of multiple grades and 100 different schools (25% of FAS?? universe of operation), answered questions of Reading and Mathematics.

Developed by the Education Ministry (MEC), Provinha Brasil is a diagnostic instrument of the alphabetization level of the second-year kids who are enrolled in Brazilian public schools. The application of the tests is a preliminary part of a study about the kids?? alphabetization in Amazonas. The goal is to generate kids?? alphabetization rates in the CUs, identifying the mains difficulties of the students.

The results are passed to the municipalities in order to benefit the actions of improvement of the educational cycle??s quality and support the development of specific strategies and educational materials to the riverine communities.