Center for Education and Software EDK


From the data Educacenso, FAS carries out the effort of educational data monitoring in the communities where it operates. On 2017, the Foundation monitored the situation of 432 schools, comprising the local challenges and finding solutions. The action allows strengthen advocacy for education in municipal and state spheres, encourage discussion on regional / national forums and the search for new ways to develop and implement policies and strategies to improve access, permanence and quality of school education of children and adolescents in the State. The action was destaue the annual "All for Education", the special box "Education in Amazonia".

On 2017, a partnership between FAS with Samsung Information Technology Development Institute for Amazon (confirmation) developed the software EDK, which will enable the instant diagnosis of literacy of students from riverside communities. The program for tablets will help in implementing the "Provinha Brazil", assessment established by the Ministry of Education (MEC) that seeks to analyze the level of student learning students of the second grade of elementary school. Composed of Portuguese and Mathematics tests, the results allow teachers and administrators to obtain information to assist the monitoring and evaluation of literacy and early math skills. The tests started on an experimental basis in the RDS Uatumã, and will be held at other UC from 2018.