Agricultural-ecological & permacultural practices

Activities in RDS Uacari, Juruá river (Photo: Mario Moreira Filho)

The Agricultural-Ecological and Permacultural Practices Technical Course is a complimentary education project in partnership with Fapeam, which involves primary and secondary school scholarship students and has as its objective, the awakening of the environmental conservation conscience, the scientific curiosity, sense of responsibility and practical application of the regular knowledge acquired in school. The themes are relevant to the improvement of the riverine population??s life and stimulate the thinking about the natural resources management practices. The intention is to expand the content to beyond the formal education.

Each center, offers several modules, directed to specific activities and demands of each place: agricultural-forested systems, aviary, fruit trees and forested nurseries, meliponiculture, gardens, among other activities according to the peculiarity of each location.

The project expanded its target audience, prioritizing the greater involvement of the managers, regular Teachers and its classes. It was introduced quick courses of bio intensive horticulture techniques, proliferation of Meliponas hives in boxes, grafting techniques and a pilot of earthworm culture at FAS?? head office, using discarded materials such as tires, that are going to be installed afterwards in the center. Most centers, the system modules of agriculturalforested, of gardens, aviaries, fruit trees and forested nurseries, production of organic compound and alternative food for chickens, and Permacultural practices of rational re-utilization of residues are already a part of riverine??s reality.