Agricultural-ecological & permacultural practices

Activities in RDS Uacari, Juruá river (Photo: Mario Moreira Filho)

The project of Agro-ecological and permaculture practices aims to form bordering on regional productive vocations, valuing traditional knowledge in educational logic of Conservation and Sustainability Centers of (CSC) FAS.

The formations are mainly intended to involve school community and local communities users of cores in sustainable production activities of vegetables and plants Non-Conventional Alimentícias (Panchen). The idea is that the production is used in the self-sufficiency of schools. On 2017, the project was focused on readjusting of the structures of productive teaching modules for the production of seedlings, sistemas agroflorestais (PURE) and growing vegetables.

APA in the Rio Negro, NCS Missy Manana, They were produced over 1 seedlings, which had the destination to Sustainable Turning Manaus 2017, besides the production of free-range chickens in the Juma Reserve, which served to feed 80 students during 15 days of NCS Victor Civita, in the community of Bee. They were produced in all 5 seedlings of vegetables, medicinal plants, fruit trees in six FAS Centers.