Riverine Early Childhood Project

Activities in RDS Rio Negro | Photo: PIR/FAS

The Riverine First Childhood Project (PIR) is a joint project of FAS, the State Secretary of Amazonas Health (SESAME) and the Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social (IDIS), which aims to subsidize the development of public inclusive politics to the development of the first childhood of kids from the riverine communities of the state of Amazonas.

The project has as its objective, to contribute to the development of the kids?? caretakers, strengthening the bond between mother and child, aside from developing the competencies of the first childhood professionals. The methodology consists in the capacitation of communitarian health agents of the Rio Negro RDS, that provided with a visitation model elaborated by PIR in partnership with SUSAM and the Municipal City Halls, realize the monitoring of the development of the kids, from pregnancy to six years old.

Pioneer in Amazon, the results of the Riverine First Childhood Project were presented in many international events about the theme. In May, 2014, PIR was in Santiago, contributing for the planning of the Rede Panamericana da Investigação de Visitação Domiciliar, which gathers several infantile health programs of the Latin America. In July, the project contributed in the XI Encontro Internacional sobre Educação Pré-Escolar, realized in Cuba, and that promoted an exchange of experiences about childhood and prenatal in Latin American countries.

PIR also took part in the X Encontro Nacional de Primeira Infância, realized by the end of 2013 in Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil and the Encontro Nacional de Aleitamento Materno, realized in November of this year in Manaus-AM.