School Project D'water

Based on three pillars – “Access to water“, “Education on water‘ until “Hygiene, Sanitation and Health”, o programa global Swarovski Waterschool (in Portuguese, School D'water) partners with organizations working near large rivers in the world, to implement actions adapted to local demands.

The project dialogues with teachers, students and community about the relationship with the water and good use of the resource, plus the infrastructure development efforts to improve access to water drinking in schools.

Incrementally, the project explores key issues that enhance understanding and narrow the healthy relationship of communities with water. Educational activities during visits to communities put the participant as a central focus of learning, making it able to reach conclusions independently and autonomously from problems proposed that exposes the motivating situations. Play adapted to local conditions to become a discussion laboratory and ideas on real problems.

After advancing the understanding and absorption of the importance of the subject by students, teachers and community, It is conducting a participatory decision process for investment in infrastructure to improve access to water drinking in school.