School Project D'water

Riverine communities experience a precarious context in relation to access to water: in several of them there is the possibility of digging wells and the water is consumed directly from the river, with very little or no treatment. Furthermore, the vast majority of communities do not have adequate practices in the management and use of water, fact that negatively affects people and the environment.

The School D'Swarovski Water project seeks to prepare children for the new generations understanding and practice of sustainable use of water. With an experimental education methodology, and international reach, the project is present in schools close to major rivers in five countries: Austria, Brazil, China, India and Uganda. The methodology of the School is adapted according to the reality and needs of each country and region. No Brasil, the project is run in the region of Santarém, Para and RDS PiagaçuPurus, in Amazonas. On Monday, the project is carried out with support from FAS and runs nine schools in the communities along the river Purus.


On 2017, the project focused on finalizing the training program for teachers and students, with training in topics "Water and the Community" and "Water, Amazon and the planet ". With these cycles the project ends the formation of four modules. During the initial root module, whole community was involved in a collective effort to decide and implement improvements in infrastructure related to water in schools.

Two training rounds with students and teachers 10 communities of RDS Piagaçu Purus, community engagement to dream and implement the infrastructure of schools, educational campaigns with students. A first round of impact monitoring is underway and will close the first project cycle in April 2018.

Check out the project report:

School report D'Portuguese Water

School report D'English Water