"Floresta Fest" – Forest Music Festival

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1Forest Fest – Forest Music Festival

1 – Amazon World to Know – Raymond Nonato dos Santos Ferreira | download

2 – Cabocla River Uatumã – Barbosa Alcemira Goma | download

3 – The Xiada – Dias da Silva Lailton | download

4 – Forest of Riches – Barbosa Lima Estáfne | download

5 – Forro Forest – Raymond Correa breads| download

6 – Hand Nature – Samia Vieira Aquino| download

7 – Beleza Natural – Washington Luis da Silva Araujo| download

8 – Consciousness Cabocla – Maria de Jesus de Souza Sales| download

9 – A Floresta Amazon – Haggai Alexis Pauline| download

10 – A Forest Cultural – Freitas Teixeira ROSAN| download

11 – Canoeiro – Fábio da Silva Pereira| download

12 – Life of the Interior – Sebastiao Pereira do Nascimento| download

13 – A People Alert – Antonio Carlos de Araújo Araújo| download

14 – I am the Forest (Bonus Track) – Eder accordion| download

Forest Music Festival – "Floresta Fest"

In search of appreciation of the musical talent of the guardians of the forest, a FAS – Amazonas Sustainable Foundation and Group Imbaúba promoted from July to November of 2010 the First Music Festival of the Forest – "Floresta Fest".

A proposal do festivals, composers which awarded 15 Environmental Conservation Units attended by the Bolsa Floresta Program, is to gather songs that addressed issues about the daily life of the Amazonian populations and their cultural.

In the first knockout round were awarded,second and third prizes in each conservation unit with $ 500, R$ 300 e R $ 200 respectively.

Alcenira Gomes won the first selective
Sustainable Development Reserve Uatumã (Photo: Monick Maciel)

The prime locations for each of the selective passed into the final, not on day 15 November, Billiards in Park, Manaus-AM. This time the awards were R $ 5 mil (1º lugar), R$ 3 mil (2º lugar) and R$ a thousandil thar). Furthermore, all participants of the finals had the opportunity to record their music on CD.


ganhadores floresta fest

Winners of the First Forest Fest

Raimundo Nonato RDS do Amapá na gravação do CD

Nonato, RDS representative of Amapá (Wood River / AM) na final,
record your song on the CD Forest FEST 2010


Sustainable involvement

The superintendent-general of FAS, Virgilio Viana, says that the festival is directly linked to the mission of FAS, which is to promote environmental conservation and sustainable involvement of the residents of conservation areas. "Our intention is to appreciate the man of the forest, cause they are valued in the community. Our view is that culture is a way to promote sustainable involvement in these communities ", says Viana.

According cells Braga, Musical group leader do Imbaúba, the forest needs a voice, speaking in first person their values. "With this festival we want to enter a world of aesthetics that allows Amazon to show the values ​​of the forest, but the speech here. My desire is to see the river man, florestário, taking its values, rediscovering it in your space. Because many times you're here (in the forest), but do not evaluate the beauty of the water, Forest, peace of this place ", said Celdo.

The executive coordinator of the FAS and organizer of the event, Isandra D'Avila, states that the FOREST FEST found talents that can be the spokesmen of the beauty of Conservation Units. Avila says that could participate in the festival all residents of the Conservation Units in the Bolsa Floresta has already been implemented (RDS Amapá, Amana RDS, RDS Canumã, RDS Catuá Ipixuna, RDS Cujubim, Juma Reserve, RDS Madeira, RDS Mamirauá, Florest Maués, Black River RDS, RDS Uacari, RDS Uatumã, APA Rio Negro, Resex Gregory River, Purus RDS Piagaçu).


See the VIDEOS candidates already selected in the channel of FAS on Youtube.

See more PHOTOS of selective:

RDS do Uatumã

RDS of Rio Negro

Florest Maués

Juma / Amapá and Wood

BB Rio Negro



Imbaúba The group was created in May 2007 the poet Celdo Braga. The group borrows the name of a tree is a symbol of resistance, also known as mother-of-earth. His proposal is to gather the sound hues of nature: to tribal ritualidade, the nuances of birdsong, the ethereal dance of the ancient trees of the Amazon, a projection of synesthetic rhythms and organic sounds that promote perfect harmony of the senses. It is composed of Rosivaldo Lamb (violão and bandolim), João Paulo Ribeiro (percussion), Serbian Tulio (contrabass), Sofia Amoedo (violão e voz), Roberto Lima (guitar and voice) and the poet cells Braga (flutes and effects). Contact: 9981-5799 Site: www.imbauba.art.br.

The musicians Celdo Lima and Roberto Braga, Group Imbaúba,
partners FLORESTAFEST (photo: Monick Maciel)

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