FAS Fair

Fifth edition of FAS Fair will take place on 30 September | Photo: Dirce Quintino

The FAS Fair takes place monthly at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), in Manaus, The red Alvaro Braga, 351, Parque Dez, with the proposal to offer the people the experience of consuming products directly from those who make, fostering a cycle of sustainability and stimulating the green and creative economy.

There are several exhibitors items and services from handicrafts to design, fashion, beauty, decoration, gardening, natural items, collectibles, livros, dance, yoga, gastronomia, organic and vegan. Admission is free and still have room kids, area for pets and educational agenda with workshops, lectures and conversation circles about entrepreneurship and the environment and, clear, a musical programming that values ​​local artists and bands.

The implementation of FAS Fair is part of the Coordination Sustainable Cities, leading projects focused on concepts to improve the city and urban sustainability, from the social mobilization and engagement. The fair also has the support of a collaborative team and several partner organizations.

To participate in future editions, just sign up on the following links… Green space https://bit.ly/2lRsCAH; space Varieties https://bit.ly/2llqHUv; and Space Food https://bit.ly/2lk8mXW.

For questions and contacts, send message to e-mail feiradasfas@gmail.com, through the official profile of FAS Fair in Instagram or FAS page on Facebook.