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Check out the lectures Sustainable Papo!

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Event takes place during the XIX Meeting of Leaders of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, which includes the presence of the state reserves of community

Amazon Protected Areas leaders gather in London to discuss Bolsa Floresta

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From 13 a 17 November, 70 representatives 16 Conservation Units (CUs) State of Amazonas will be in […]

Amazonas Sustainable Foundation articulates anti-hepatitis network in the Amazon

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Not find, They were presented the goals set by the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce 90% new cases of hepatitis B and C and the mortality 65% hepatitis B and C to 2030.

FAS na COP 23

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The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation is participating in 23 of the United Nations Climate Conference (UN), what happens between […]

FAS participates in international conference on sustainable development in Peru

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The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), representing Brazil, will share lectures with universities and professional organizations in Colombia, Equador, Itália, Peru and Russia

FAS funding debate for Amazon conservation, during COP23

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in the event, Foundation highlights pioneering that Amazon has in relation to the reduction of deforestation and conservation

Amazon will be in 23 UN Climate Conference, in Germany

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The Amazon will be present in 23 of the United Nations Climate Conference (UN), que acontece entre os dias […]

For year-end parties, three tons of arapaima managed will be sold this weekend

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Fishermen's Association of Residents and Users of Mamirauá Reserve Antônio Martins (Amurmam), a 632 km of Manaus, will be in […]

FAS selects executive assistant to work in SP

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Candidates have until 31 October to send proposals

FAS opens two vacancies to operate the Project dicara

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Curricula should be submitted in the period 27 a 31 October