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satelite, optical fiber or radio network? Seminar debate solutions to digital connectivity in the Amazon

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Challenges and solutions to bring quality internet riverside populations and remote communities in Amazonas State were shared and presented during a seminar

FAS provides opportunities for technical advice, legal, administrative and specialized

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There are three vacancies in technical consulting, legal and administrative technical and two consultants specializing in legal and safeguarding. The opportunities are in design on the State Law for Environmental Services.

Solutions to bring digital connectivity to remote regions of the Amazon is theme of seminar in Manaus

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Face challenges, discuss and share initiatives that have worked and find solutions to improve connectivity to distant coastal communities is the goal of the event, What happens in the FAS headquarters, in Manaus

FAS opens spaces for music and computer professionals in the municipality of Uarini

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The opportunities are part of the Integral Development Program for Child and Adolescent Amazon Riverside (Dicara). The inscriptions contain next Monday (10)

Para singer Dona Onete is announced as a national attraction Sustainable Turning Manaus 2019

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The diva carimbó "chamegado" was confirmed in the biggest festival of sustainability in Latin America, released today and what will happen in days 26, 27 until 28 July with hundreds of free activities in all areas of Manaus. The event is a FAS correalização

Sustainable exchange experiences between Costa Rica and the Amazon is debated in a seminar in Manaus

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Promoted by FAS and Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education (CATIE) from Costa Rica, the seminar seeks alternatives for sustainable rural development in the Brazilian Amazon

FAS selects professionals for technical advice and communication in the Amazon

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The opportunities are for service providers with expertise in the design of fluid resuscitation in the region. Entries can be made until next Wednesday (12)

FAS is honored in the Legislative Assembly by acting in riverside communities

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Organization received recognition for promoting environmental conservation actions, sustainable development and improving the quality of life of traditional populations in protected areas. Action is part of SAP's Environment Week

Fifth edition of the Sustainable Turnaround is launched on Thursday (6) in Manaus

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The Sustainable Turning happens in the month of July with a series of free activities such as workshops, exhibitions, shows, artistic interventions, among others. The release schedule is part of Midweek FAS Environment

Dialogue between coastal and government is the main result of the XXII Leadership Meeting

Event that brought together leaders from the Amazon Conservation Units community debates provided, lectures and training in order to improve the Bolsa Floresta, improve the quality of life of the population and reduce deforestation in these regions