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Early Childhood riverfront enables community health agents Resex Catuá-Ipixuna

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Action was a partnership between Bolsa Floresta and Education and Health, with funds from the Amazon Fund / BNDES and support of the Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema) e Johnson & Johnson

Sustainable chat receives lecture “Indian and Photography”, Photographer Renato Soares

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Photographer is nationally recognized for portraying life and customs of indigenous peoples

Standing in Forest Notice

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The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation and the Amazon / BNDES Fund present the Notice "Foot in the Forest", initiative to support projects […]

Three community States hosts the first meeting of Reporters Forest

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Bordering the cores Assy Manana, em Três Unidos, e Agnello Bittencourt, in Tumbira, part of the first communication exchange held in Rio Negro APA

FAS, Sejel and Fatarco celebrate partnership by Amazon Indigenous Archery Project

Agreement was signed during the eighteenth Meeting of Leaders of the Bolsa Floresta, which ends Friday (26) in Manaus

XVIII Meeting of Bolsa Floresta Leaders happens until Friday (26) in Manaus

Event is the result of a partnership between FAS, Amazon Fund / BNDES, Government of Amazonas and Bradesco

FAS launches its Activity Report 2016

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Book presents the main results achieved by the institution throughout the year

Bordering share experiences in Manaus on the Amazon undertake

Vagner Menezes, Mailson and Natanael Gondim develop business that benefits about 60 collecting families of seeds in the Middle Rio Juruá

Students of the Negro and rivers Cuieiras participate in art and education workshops

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Incenturita project encourages reading and writing activities through art