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FAS Capacity comunitários em extração de oleosa vegetais e Tecnicas de Colette de Açaí no rio Jure

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Cursos serão realizados entre os dias 7 until 12 de fevereiro na Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (Reserve) Uacari

FAS performs selection for Human Resources Analyst

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Resumes should be sent by email in the period 04 a 10 February 2015

FAS launches tender for hiring receptionist

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Resumes should be sent with salary requirements by email until the day 05 February 2015

Projeto ??Dentistas da Floresta? leva comunidades ribeirinhas para exposição no Shopping Ponta Negra

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Through a partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), initiative took care to communities in the Solimoes and Negro rivers

FAS e Instituto Europeu de Florestas (EFI) lançam resumo sobre intercâmbio de REDD entre Brasil e Congo

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"Cooperação Sul Sul" foi tema de publicação lançada durante a COP-20 realizada em Lima, no Peru

Practice in cocoa management is exchange theme among producers of Madeira River

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processing techniques can increase product competitiveness in the market

FAS full seven years leading to actions over 40 a thousand people, with audited accounts in international standard

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in area, are 10 million hectares of forest protected by the Bolsa Floresta (BFP) e de Educação e Saúde

Acompanhe a Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) na COP-20, no Peru

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Entre os temas na agenda estão as soluções para o desenvolvimento sustentável, cooperation between countries of the South and the importance of conservation and restoration in global climate mitigation

SDSN Amazon holds meeting on sustainable development with scientists in Latin America

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Will gather in Manaus presidents of Science Academies of Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Equador, Peru and Venezuela to discuss solutions for sustainable development in the Amazon

FAS opens bids for selection of technical staff in Rio Negro

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Resumes can be sent by e-mail until the day 23 January 2015