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In the Middle Amazon, Guarana Maués has support from FAS and Coca-Cola

Support ensures equipment and technical improvement in the planting of guarana, traditional activity in the region

Sustainable production is the subject of ongoing pioneer in RDS Uacari

Opportunity for riparian refine sustainable production methods

Methodology for management indicators is presented by the Women's Institute Consulate

Institute is a partner of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) in income generating activities in the RDS Rio Negro

Extended notice to Human Resources Analyst

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Resumes should be sent to day 19 July

Manage to Conserve supports income generation in the RDS Rio Negro

Income could reach £ 6 million per family, in activity that is being promoted with the support of Instituto Camargo Correa (ICC) and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES)

Event New Frontiers of Social Investment Society meets to discuss topic

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FAS participated in the initiative of the Instituto Camargo Corrêa (ICC) which brought together industry and civil society

Amazon unveils its Cocoa on Thursday Natural Tech

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Work is one of the fruits of the income component of the Bolsa Floresta (BFP), investing in capacity expansion of the green economy

FAS takes the Bolsa Floresta platform for sustainable solutions UN

Institutions worldwide share shares outstanding platform UN, which has the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

Juma project is featured in the Eco-Index, da Rainforest Alliance

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Project was awarded Ecoiniciativa June/2013, Innovative in Category

Partnership and FAS Bradesco is included in the database of UN actions for climate change adaptation

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The Bolsa Floresta Program, supported mainly by Banco Bradesco, is the first case in the financial genuinely Brazilian to join the list