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Bolsa Floresta currently benefits more than 35 a thousand people | Photo: Liana Jonh

With the partnership of FAS, Abril Group intended to compensate 21 tons of carbon

Compensation will be made through the REDD project of Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Reserve, development in partnership with FAS, SDS, Ceclima and CEUC

Students of Juma | Photo: Acervo FAS

On 2012, 117 teachers were trained by "Basis of Learning"

Program reaches 58 schools in eight months of activity with 52 actions of education and culture

The general superintendent of the FAS, Virgilio Viana | Photo: Communication FAS

Brazilian joins the Network Solutions for Sustainable Development UN

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New technical network analyze economic and social development globally

Leaders gathered at a meeting of UNEP, na COP 18 (Credit: Victor Salviati | FAS)

Alarming levels of CO2 emissions are discussed at COP 18

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Representatives of FAS report on conference trying to halt temperature rise of the planet

Suelen Marostica (photo) e Victor Salviati representam a FAS na COP 18 (Photo: Victor Salviati)

FAS presents papers at COP 18, Qatar not

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Institution represents Brazil in a workshop sponsored by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

A Coordinator of Geral do PBF, Valcléia Solidade (Photo: Communication FAS)

?xitos FAS shares are presented in National Urban Biology Meeting, in Amazonas

In event held at Nilton Lins University, General Coordinator of the Bolsa Floresta presents highlight activities among 5 years of FAS work

Near Bolsa Floresta benefits 35 thousand people across the State of Amazonas (Tomas Viana)

Bolsa Floresta receives honorable mention Celso Furtado Prize Regional Development

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The program is among the four programs successful development of regional country

Prices are kept in the new edition of Pirarucu handled, on Tuesday

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Today 27, near 60 pirarucus handled brought from Rio Solimoes will be on sale at the headquarters of the Foundation

The Program Coordinator of Health Education and FAS, Leandro Pinheiro | Photo: Communication FAS

FAS promotes Sustainable Chat about sponsorship in Amazonas

School Sponsorship Program in Amazonas benefit initially RDS of Juma and Uatumã

Tânia Consentino, as Schneider Electric, Virgilio Viana, FAS and Roberto Brito, Community RDS Rio Negro

FAS, Schneider Electric and Government of the Amazon leading solar energy project for riverside communities in the Amazon

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Reducing consumption by half, project expands the supply of electric power 4 for 24 hours per day