What is REDD

O REDD (Reduction of Deforestation and Forest Degradation, more sustainable forest management), It is a financial mechanism to raise funds to improve the local community quality of life and promoting sustainable development.

The FAS develops from 2008 the REDD + project in Juma, first in the world to be "gold level" in Climate Standard, Community and Biodiversity. The project aims to raise funds to invest and encourage strategies and actions to stop deforestation in the Amazon state. To 2016, according to official data from INPE and is compared to the baseline modeling, the project has already cut about 10 million tCO2e.

The project yielded the first carbon emissions reduction certificate from a government, a company and a non-governmental organization, delivered August 2016 in a ceremony at Marriott International. The certificate is not transferable and attests to the reduction 400 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (tCO2), related to activities to 2013.

On 2017, FAS organized in partnership with the Alliance REDD + Brazil, which integrates, the event "Remoldurando REDD + in Brazil", who presented the Brazilian potential of REDD + to the opportunities of the carbon market.

Video of the Global Canopy Programme (GCP), on REDD:

Video of the UN REDD: