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The EMS is a partner of FAS in two initiatives:

Community Infrastructure Program

This is a component based on the reality of each region, pois elas se constituem de modo extremamente diferente, social issues of local people are not the same in urban areas. Therefore, there is a deep need to take a holistic view of these needs.

The use of investments is defined in a participatory manner with the community and is realized through a work plan prepared annually, by the FAS team.

Some of the improvements are the construction of artesian wells, implantação de sistemas de captação de luz solar, geradores de energia, sistemas de comunicação via rádio, sistemas de captação de água do rio, da aquisição de meio de transporte fluvial rápido, e na construção de centros de convivência comunitários, schools, among other acquisitions that may be necessary for the full range of citizenship of isolated populations.

It is noteworthy that all these actions are performed in conjunction with a number of specific public policies. Support for the program occurred between 2014 until 2017,

Projeto way

In addition, from to 2016, EMS also became partner in projects carried out by the Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (FUMCAD).

The project Integral Development of Children and the Amazon Riverside Teen (DICARA), It aims to ensure access to rights; the strengthening of autonomy and self-esteem; the socio-cultural recognition and stimulating the local potential, generating processing opportunities in protected areas in which they live children and youth, Whereas the guidelines of the Children and Adolescents.

In the first year, the projects have focused on the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve where they were met 241 children and youth 41 communities. Check out:

On 2017 the project will focus on the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve which provides meet 400 youth and children 20 communities.