Amazon Fund (BNDES)

In order to obtain resources to encourage forest preservation, was created, em August 1 2008, the Amazon Fund. The main objective is to promote projects for the prevention and combating deforestation and also for the conservation and sustainable use of forests in the Amazon biome.

The management of the Fund rests with the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES). The resources of the Amazon Fund will be applied in the form of non-reimbursable financing.

A parceria entre a FAS e o Fundo Amazônia foi anunciada em dezembro de 2009. It has as main objective to contain deforestation and improving the quality of life of traditional populations living in protected areas of the Amazon State, through the funding of the actions of the components Association and Income Bolsa Floresta. The feature will be released from 2010 until 2014.

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O Bolsa Floresta Renda (BFI) invested a total of R $ 140 thousand per year per protected area. This feature is intended to support sustainable production: fish, vegetable oil, fruits, honey, brazilian nuts and others. The goal is to promote productive arrangements and certification of products that enhance the value received by the producer. All the activities that do not produce deforestation, are legalized and value the standing forest, are eligible. Learn more about the Bolsa Floresta Income!

The Bolsa Floresta Association is aimed at residents' associations of UC's state. Equivalent to 10% the sum of all Bolsa Floresta Families. Its function is to strengthen the organization and social control of the program. This is one of the most important programs in the history of the Amazon, for strengthening of community-based organizations. BFA promotes participatory management through the strengthening of community organization, empowering communities and social control of the Bolsa Floresta Program, aiming the implementation of the protected area. Furthermore, contributes to the exercise of associative leadership in protected areas of the State of Amazonas. Learn more about the Bolsa Floresta Association!

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For application of resources, FAS considers the opinion of their own community. Annually, each locality receives Workshop Set for Investment Bolsa Floresta, onde são apresentadas as ideias e projetos comunitários que podem serem desenvolvidas pelo Bolsa Floresta.

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