Instituto TIM


Partner of the Bolsa Floresta Social

The partner institution of the FAS Bolsa Floresta Social. No ano de 2014 actions were supported in the RDS Madeira, Amana RDS, RDS Catuá Ipixuna and State Forest Maués. The actions are focused on the installation of water systems in communities, implementation of communication systems and support community transport.

More about the partnership:

Rio Madeira receives income component of the investments of the Bolsa Floresta

Near 1,8 thousand people are benefited by the Bolsa Floresta Social SDRs in Rio Madeira and Rio Amapá

RDS Piagaçu-Purus receives investment to improve quality of life

FAS leva melhoria de qualidade de vida para 1,2 thousand people Resex Catuá-Ipixuna