Bolsa Floresta Program


The Bolsa Floresta Program (PBF) is a public state politics instituted by the Govern of Amazonas in 2007. Its creation was a historical milestone in the promotion of sustainable development of great relevance on national scale and on international as well.

The institution of PBF was given by intermediary of the Law 3.135, about Climate Change, environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development in Amazonas, and of the Complimentary Law 53, about the State Scheme of Conservation Unities (Seuc), both promulgated on June 5th, 2007.

These laws had a strong innovation personality and supported a legal environment in the state legislation, which allows the structuring of the economy of the environmental forestbased services and products, and the reach of social justice with environmental conservation.

The implementation of PBF was initiated by the State Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development (SDS), in September of 2007, and came to be held by FAS from March of 2008 on.

The PBF acts through four components: Income, Social, Family and Association. From the engagement of the families, inside and surrounding the State Conservation Unities, the components assure them direct gains, communitarian-level social benefits, support to associativism, activities of production, and generation of sustainable income. The voluntary membership to the Program requires participation in workshops, training in climate changes and environmental services, non-opening of new areas of cultivation in native areas and the permanence or enrollment of the kids in school.

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