Conceptual pillars of our work

Reserve of Sustainable Development Madeira River | Photo: Bruno Kelly


The financial demonstrations are biannual audited by PwC, monitored and approved by the fiscal and Administration Council, submitted to the State Public Attorney and wide disseminated to the public through our website and other Medias.


FAS implements innovative solutions to the isolated regions of Amazonas, where the organization works. These actions concern the development, adjustment of new technologies and the dialog with the knowledge of the traditional populations.

Partnerships and Creations

Working in partnership with 111 governmental and non-governmental institutions reaching for synergies and shared values.


Different institutions can freely replicate the developed projects. The innovative solutions implemented by FAS seek to inspire, through South-South Cooperation, other initiatives in all Amazon basin and other regions of the world.

Monitoring and evaluation

FAS measures the Social and environmental benefits of its programs through results indicators, evaluations made by third parts and researches with its projects beneficiaries. These evaluations consider the social inclusion, the respect to the cultural diversity, the gender equity and the environmental conservation, allowing the continuous improvement of the program activities and projects.

People management

It is part of the main objectives of FAS to promote the professional and personal realization of its collaborators, including the support of continued education, health and well-being.