Bolsa Floresta Program

The Bolsa Floresta Program (BFP) is the first internationally certified project in Brazil to reward and improve quality of life of traditional people for the maintenance of environmental services provided by tropical forests, reducing deforestation and enhancing the forest. It has 4 components:


Currently, the BFP is the largest program of Payment for Environmental Services in the world, over 35 thousand people attended in 15 Protected Areas of the State of Amazonas, an area totaling 10 millions of hectares.


Bolsa Floresta Income – support and motivate sustainable production

Bolsa Floresta Social - investments in health, education, transportation and communication

Bolsa Floresta Association – strengthening the association and social control of the program

Bolsa Floresta Family – involvement of families in reducing deforestation


See the list of recipients of the Bolsa Floresta Program

Click here to download the survey conducted in 3 Protected Areas participating in the Bolsa Floresta Program.

Comunitários promoveram oficinas para gestão dos novos bens | Foto: Lizandra Sá/FAS

State Forest of Maués receives incentives from Bolsa Floresta

FAS team delivered transport equipment and distribution networks of water to communities in PA

Secretária Iralides Caldas (azul ao centro) se reuniu com superintendente geral da FAS, Virgílio Viana | Foto: Comunicação FAS

Craftwork in Rio Negro Reserve gain FAS, State Government and industry as allies

Secretariat of State for Labour joins Coca-Cola and Consulate Women's Institute to leverage craftwrok in the reserve

A Coordenadora Geral do PBF, Valcléia Solidade (Foto: Comunicação FAS)

Successes of FAS achievements are presented in Urban Biology National Meeting, in Amazonas

In event held at Nilton Lins University, General Coordinator of the Bolsa Floresta presents highlight activities among 5 years of FAS work


Fundação Amazonas VII Encontro Sustentável made of community leaders

Event is an opportunity to exchange experiences to improve management of the Bolsa Floresta program in partnership with associations

Comunidade Cachoeirinha, na RDS Rio Madeira, foi uma das localidades visitadas por comitiva da Mitsubishi (FAS)

Mitsubishi Corp delegation accompanying the progress of the Bolsa Floresta

International model for promoting sustainable development is exposed to managers of Japanese multinational

Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) builds community village in one of the most isolated regions of the Amazon

A 14 days of boat capital of the Amazon, Village takes Cujubim infrastructure and quality of life 186 residents of the RDS Cujubim

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