Payment for Environmental Services


The fourth component, the Bolsa Floresta Family, aims to promote the involvement of the families that live inside the protected areas from the state to reduce deforestation and value the forest standing . This modality also works to promote understanding of the socio-economic and environmental reality and to improve efficiency in the use of resources and evaluation of investment results.

In practice, it is about the payment of a monthly reward of R$ 50 per month paid to mothers of families that live inside the protected areas that are willing to make a commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development. ? an important mechanism to involve the population in the fight against deforestation activities. The BFF is not a salary and is not intended to be the main income of the families. ? an income supplement paid as reward for forest conservation.

Click here to download the survey conducted in 3 Protected Areas participants in the Bolsa Floresta Program. Forest.

Fulfillment of workshop in SDR Rio Negro
Residents of the SDR Uacari received certificates for participating in the workshop of FAS

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