Creation and Meaning

The Bolsa Floresta Program (BFP) is a pioneer in environmental services for the populations living in Amazonia forest and are commited to reduce deforestation. It was established by the State Government of Amazonas by SDS in September 2007, an act of political relevance unprecedented in the history, to value and compensate economically the environmental conservation efforts of families living in protected areas of the State of Amazonas.

For the first time, the population of the "Deep Amazon” – caboclos – began receiving a direct reward for preserving nature, becoming the guardians of the forest. The program is part of a pioneer worldwide strategy. It is directed to the development of the productive chain of environmental services and environmental products with forest base.

The institutionalization of the program was made through the Law 3.135, on Climate Change, Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas, and the Complementar Law 53, on the State System of Protected Areas (Seuc), both promulgated on 5 of June 2007. The laws have a strong characteristic of innovation and seek to consolidate a basic legal environment in state law to structure the economy of environmental services and products of forest origin and obtain as a result of social justice with environmental conservation.

For its precursive and innovator disposition, the BFP involves a constant methodology improvement process. This process has been conducted in partnership with governmental institutions and non-governmental.

One of the main evolution in BFP was the unfolding of the Community Investment Plan (PIC) in Bolsa Floresta Income and Social. This change occurred because on the need to provide more clarity to the objectives of the social and income and, further more, reinforce the concept of not setting as a welfare program, but in an action consistent with the principles of sustainability, according to FAS financial availability .

The evolution of the BFP in four modalities resulted in a more comprehensive system for granting benefits, structured to provide more clearly the "associativism", the income, sustainable production and basic social benefits.

All benefit from BFP joined a workshop on climate change and sustainability. At the end of this workshop signed, voluntarily, a commitment term to a zero deforestation.

Click here to download the survey carried out in protected areas that are part of Bolsa Floresta Program. Forest.