Subprogram of Income Generation

Paradise Community, RDS Cujubim Photo: Edelson Gomes

The PBF Floresta investments are directed to the sustainable production arrangements and decided interactively. The goal is to boost the productive chains in the communities that are fulfilled by the program, seeking to contribute to improve the economic activities that already exists and co-create others inside the innovation and sustainable development perspective.

The main productive chains supported by PBF are: cacau, açaí, pirarucu, Amazon nut, vegetable oils, rubber, managed wood, handicrafts and communitarian basis tourism. Agroforestry systems, lake managements, aviculture, communitarian groceries store and small commercial enterprises are also supported. The participatory process to choose the investments and the administrative flexibility of FAS, allows the resources to be widely applied, including infrastructures and equipments as well as services and qualifications.

The support to the productive chains was one of the main highlights of 2014. In addition to the investments, it was realized 41 workshops about income, which counted with a total of 2,079 participants involved in the planning of investments and in specific actions of capacitation in handicraft work, tailoring, tourist assistance, forest management, pricing products, support to entrepreneurship, management of entrepreneurship linked to the touristic activity, among others.

FAS and Amazon Fund disclose the result of "Foot in Forest Notice"

When all, 17 initiatives will receive incentives of up to R $ 150 thousand for the development of sustainable projects within the state

Rio Amapá, flour production is sustainable alternative income generation

Community also participate in training on best practices for the management of copal, action result of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

XVIII Meeting of Bolsa Floresta Leaders happens until Friday (26) in Manaus

Event is the result of a partnership between FAS, Amazon Fund / BNDES, Government of Amazonas and Bradesco

Bordering share experiences in Manaus on the Amazon undertake

Vagner Menezes, Mailson and Natanael Gondim develop business that benefits about 60 collecting families of seeds in the Middle Rio Juruá

Families of wood rails, Juma and Amapá are invested to generate income without deforesting

structuring actions are part of the FAS Income Generation Program

FAS values ????role of riverine populations for conservation during COP13, not Mexico

Organization was invited by the Government of Mexico to present to combat deforestation initiatives that have worked in the Amazon