Programs to support Bolsa Floresta

Support programs to the BFP have the role to perform the actions of a constructional system, providing lasting and long term changes. These programs are implemented together with FAS partners. The goal is to define the strategy and deployment of each program, as well as their respective and necessary partnerships.

supporting sustainable production programs

The projects for sustainable production in protected areas should focus in encouraging activities that allows the development of wooden forestal productive chain and fishing, extraction of vegetable oil, rubber, extraction of brazilian nuts, honey production and others. So, activities should respond to the need of increasing the efficiency of extractivist productive process through technological development and new levels, to ensure an increase of scale and improve the income from producing families. On the other hand, the stages of gathering should be more competitive , processing and trading of forestry productive chains.

support programs in health and education

Health and education projects are focused on partnerships with the State Government, with the municipal governments and research institutions aimed at achieving the millennium development goals of United Nations Organizations (UN). One of the highlights is the creation of the first Center for Education for Sustainability in Juma.

Support programs for the supervision and monitoring:

The supervision projects should focus on agility contribute, technology and innovation to the process of supervision of PAs involved in initiatives to reduce deforestation. On the other hand, the project of environmental monitoring is focused on evaluate the dynamic of emissions and forest carbon sequestration in PAs, due to human activity. It implies the need to develop an appropriate methodology for monitoring, capable of generating accurate analyzes and compatible scale related to agroforestry families .

Programs to support management of protected areas:

FAS management program (support for protected areas) besides the cooperation to implement the management plan for CUs by SDS/ CEUC, It involves establishing a strengthening mechanism of the co-management system between the Government and non-governmental entities of public interest implemented in the Amazon. This system is one of the most significant progress that the State is doing to increase efficiency and effectiveness of PAs in Amazonas. FAS intends to establish partnerships with managers and co-managers of those units and broad representation organizations among traditional populations of the Amazon UC's.

Programs to support the scientific development:

FAS program to support scientific development is focused mainly on work and studies related to forest carbon stock and dinamic in PAs. Such studies are fundamental to the construction of the parameters and conceptual and operational assumptions for the environmental services and products market. These activities will be implemented in collaboration with the activities of the SDS / CECLIMA and FAPEAM.