Emission Offset

FAS carbon offset program is based on REDD Project of the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve.

This project was validated with a gold standard in september 2008 pela certificadora alemã T?V-S?D, according to international standards Climate Alliance, Community and Biodiversity (CCBA).

REDD Project in Juma SDR, in partnership with the Amazonas Government, develops activities to control deforestation in the reserve, preventing over 329 hectares of being deforested and its consequent emission of 189 millions of tons of CO2e para a atmosfera. This project has validated 3,6 millions of tCO2until (from 2006 a 2016) pela certificadora T?V-S?D.

FAS program is based on donation contracts that are conditioned to the implementation activities of the Juma Reserve provided in the document for project design . The rights and obligations under these contracts are not transferable, can not be transferred to third parties.

All transactions from this program are listed below. Furthermore, FAS keeps a record of all that contracts that, as other documents, são submetidos e auditados pela PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Carbon Program Registration

Carbon Program registration do Inglés

For more information contact via e-mail carbono@fas-amazonas.org

About Marriott International

The hotel chain Marriott International financia o Projeto de REDD da RDS do Juma com investimentos anuais de US$ 500 a thousand during the first four years (2008-2012), matching revenues guests, encouraged to compensate the carbon footprint of their respective hosting.