Reusa project

The giant stream, in Manaus

The Program of Ecological Restoration and Sustainable Urbanization in the Amazon ?? It aims to develop a low-cost solution for ecological restoration and sustainable urbanization to urban communities of high social, environmental and economic vulnerability in the Amazon.

The program is divided into four projects: Ecological Restoration, environmental education, sustainable urban development, strengthening of associations, income generation and public health, to be developed collaboratively.

The project encourages resource sharing: money, skills and time, the connection between people with similar interests and who want to exchange learnings, conduct collective interest projects altruistically, involving volunteer work and donations.

Currently, the initiative is developed in the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Giant Linear Park, in Manaus, fruto de uma parceria entre FAS, group Transformation, Casacinco, Impact Hub Manaus, Global Shapers, State University of Amazonas (UEA), Federal University of Amazonas (I trust) and Amazoncad.