Journalists of the Rainforest Project


Reporters Forest Project aims to take the perspective of the young forest to the world, by means of educational communication practices.

Created 2014, the action is a partnership with Samsung supported by Amazon / BNDES Fund, that provides radio workshops, video and text production for students of Conservation and Sustainability Centers (CSC) FAS.

The entire production of the conveyed material in fanpages of social networks and the radio of the cores is carried out by the students themselves, in thanks to a partnership with Amazon Sat Channel, He spent airing on broadcast television in Brazil, and the Internet.

workshops were held in the RDS Rio Negro, Reserve, Mamirauá and Uatumã, beyond the Rio Negro APA, involving 115 students. I was also held meeting Reporters Forest, which brought together important names of Amazonas journalism in a day of interaction in the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Rio Negro.

Along with Amazon Sat Channel, They were launched during the year Talkshow with students of the NCS Assy Manana, APA in the Rio Negro and the Tá Program at Home, with students from NCS Agnello Bittencourt Uchoa. The project also launched the printed newspaper Reporters Forest, with stories of students participating in the Knowledge Exchange, in August

The FAS held June 2018 the First Meeting of Reporters Forest, which brought together recognized journalists in the Amazon for an exchange of experiences with project participants young

News Reporters Forest:

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