International Cooperation

Understanding the specifics of the southern countries, FAS believes that the exchange of experience plays an essential role to reduce inequalities and promote sustainable development. With similar challenges and social aspects, economic and ecological Similar, FAS seeks partners to design and implement replicable and adaptable solutions for each territory.

On 2017, FAS received several delegations from countries, institutions and partner companies to visit and monitor environmental projects within the Amazon.

in May, technicians from the German Ministry of Agriculture visited the RDS Rio Negro to meet community forest management model implemented by FAS, where they met in a local practice sustainable logging.

Em julho, a delegation led by German Ambassador, Ulrich Schröder, and the director of BNDES, Marilene Ramos, visited the projects of the Foundation income generation, which contributed to the strengthening of the relationship with Germany through practical results of the partnership with the Amazon Fund / BNDES.