Amazon Street View by Google

Trekker in action at Madeira river (Photo: Gabriel Ribenboim)

Trekker in action at Madeira river (Photo: Gabriel Ribenboim)

In 2010, FAS and Google initiated a partnership in order to register Amazon??s areas in 360º. The fists phase covered the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS). Four years after the beginning of the Project, teams of FAS finished a new challenge: to take technology to a further area. Users of the web whole world have, now, the opportunity to explore digitally the Juma and Madeira Sustainable Development Reserves (RDS) in Amazonas, located 228km of the capital, Manaus.

In 18 days of expedition, it was visited 18 communities linked through long trails and, for the first time, the Trekker (a machine developed by Google) was hang in a zip-line, providing images of the treetops. Over 500km of rivers, lakes and streams, 20km of trails in the woods, 2 escalades of trees, are part of the images.

The Project??s objective is to provide knowledge of the awareness of the society when it comes to the importance of Amazon, in addition to stimulate the tourism in the mapped areas.

The images capture counted on the support of communitarians who approved their participation individually after a process of consultation realized with the local communities. In field, the residents of the riverine communities also helped to capture the images without affecting nature. About 11km of trails in dense forest were covered without the need to open new paths in the woods.

The Amazon Street View execution was authorized by the State Conservation Unities Center (CEUC), liked to the Secretaria de Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Amazonas (SDS), our Project partner and responsable for the managemet of the reserves. All images can be direclty accessed from Google Maps or at mapas.