Financial inclusion in the Amazon


To reduce the difficulty of access to banking services, FAS and Banco Bradesco started in 2011 the implementation of CSBs Bradesco Expresso in Protected Areas (UC). pioneering initiative in the country, the action is part of the Financial Inclusion Project in the Amazon that promotes integrated strategies solutions for sustainable development by encouraging the local economy, financial management of riparian entrepreneurs, and also facilitates access to public policies with the Bolsa Floresta.

Three units of Bradesco Expresso are installed in the RDS Piagaçu-Purus (a 173 km of Manaus), Rio Negro (about 70 kilometers from Manaus) and Uacari (about 800 kilometers from the capital of Amazonas). Because of their results and positive impacts, the initiative won the Latinoamerica Green Award for Sustainable Finance, promoted by the Municipality of Guayaquil and the Andean Development Cooperation (CAF) in month. ten innovative sustainable projects were awarded a total of 1.400 projects.